On Mar 15, 2005, at 16:18, Rene Scharfe wrote:
It's easily visible in the style of public toilets: in some contries you have one big room with no walls in between where all men or women merrily shit together, in other countries (like mine) every person can lock himself into a private closet. Both ways work, there's nothing too special about using a toilet, but I'm simply used to the privacy provided by those thin walls. I assure you, I don't do anything evil in there. :]

Just as long as our labs "bathrooms" don't mysteriously get a bazillion walls all over the place on kernel upgrade, we're ok. I don't mind adding new options for advanced security, as long as you don't change the defaults. It's hard enough managing a boatload of workstations under ideal conditions. When the default settings change every month it gets really annoying really quickly. :-D.

Kyle Moffett

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