Adding proper people and mailing lists..

The PCI_CLASS_DISPLAY_VGA test goes back to the very beginning by
BenH, and I have no idea if adding PCI_CLASS_DISPLAY_3D is
appropriate, but hopefully somebody does. The fact that it makes
things work certainly argues fairly convincingly for it, but I want
some backup here.

Dave, BenH?

Christopher(?), can you please also specify which laptop etc. And the
patch itself seems to have come from somebody else, unless you're
Lekensteyn. So we'd want to get the provenance of that too.


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 1:28 PM, C Bergström <> wrote:
> Hi Linus,
> I don't know who the original author is and I can have one of the distro
> graphics friends review it, but I need this patch below to get NVIDIA
> drivers to work (without using any Intel graphics) on my laptop
> Sorry - I know this is not the proper way to submit a patch, but it's
> trivial and I'm not a kernel dev.
> Thanks
> ./C
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