I use the following procedure to construct a static Debian mirror from
6 Debian CDs, but there is still a problem that prevents the mirror from
being used for doing complete network-only installs - no Release files with
checksums are built.

What is the "proper" Debian way of building the Release files?

HOWTO Create a Debian mirror using only CDs

SCENARIO: You need to build a http/ftp/nfs mirror of Debian in order that
several workers can quickly install a bunch of different machines
simultaneously.  You have a local network, but no Internet connectivity (not
even an analog modem), and only a complete Debian Official CD set as a source
of .debs.


Run apt-cdrom for each CD of your set:

        apt-cdrom add

Install the necessary packages for building and running the mirror:

        apt-get install apt-move apache

Create a directory on the server for the Debian mirror:
        mkdir -p /mirrors/debian/dists
        ln -s /mirrors/debian /var/www/debian

Set Apache to serve the mirror directory (i.e. set up a Directory spec for it
in /etc/apache/httpd.conf), reload Apache, and test by browsing

Edit /etc/apt-move.conf:
        Insert each complete CD specification in the variable APTSITES like this:

        Where CDSPEC1 is:
        if the corresponding entry in /etc/apt/sources.list is:
        deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r0 _Woody_ - Official i386 Binary-1 
(20020718)]/ unstable contrib main non-US/contrib non-US/main
        Set DIST="woody"

Import the package list information from the CDs (found in /var/lib/apt/lists):
        apt-move get

For each CD, import the .deb files into the mirror:

        [INSERT CD]
        mount /cdrom
        apt-move movefile `find /cdrom -name '*.deb'`
        umount /cdrom
        [EJECT CD]

Rebuild the package lists on the mirror:

        apt-move packages


OPTIONAL:  Copy base.tgz and all of the boot floppies into the mirror directory too.


Is there no simpler way of doing this???

What if I want to use apt-move to mirror several distribs?  Do I make a
seperate config file for each?

Why are the original package lists from the CDs even necessary?  Each .deb has
enough info in its control file to rebuild the Packages lists and frankly I
don't care how the .debs are organised, as long as they can be found

Surely others have needed to do this task.  Did I miss a HOWTO or a package?
Am I really using the correct tools?

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