Le Tue, 18 Feb 2003 18:57:05 +0100, tu as ecrit :

>Why are the original package lists from the CDs even necessary?  Each .deb has
>enough info in its control file to rebuild the Packages lists and frankly I
>don't care how the .debs are organised, as long as they can be found

Est-ce que tu as essayé dpkg-scanpackages ?

       dpkg-scanpackages - create Packages files

       dpkg-scanpackages  binarydir  overridefile  [pathprefix] >

       dpkg-scanpackages sorts through a tree  of  Debian  binary
       packages  and  creates a Packages file, used by dselect(8)
       to tell the user what packages are available for installa­
       tion.  These Packages files are the same as those found on
       Debian archive sites and CD-ROMs.   You  might  use  dpkg-
       scanpackages yourself if making a directory of local pack­
       ages to install on a cluster of machines.

http://www-internal.alphanet.ch/linux-leman/ avant de poser
une question. Ouais, pour se désabonner aussi.

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