On 09/15/2016 06:00 AM, Сергей Процеров (Sergey Protserov) wrote:
> Hello! I am using Debian Unstable, systemd, full-disk encryption and lvm
> (version 2.02.164). On poweroff that's what I see in journal:
> сен 12 22:36:51 debian systemd[1]: Stopping LVM2 metadata daemon...
> сен 12 22:36:51 debian lvmetad[332]: Failed to accept connection.
> сен 12 22:36:51 debian systemd[1]: Stopped LVM2 metadata daemon.
> Could you please tell me, if this error signalizes something bad, and if
> this error should be fixed? If it has to be fixed, then how can I do it?
> Thanks in advance.

We've had a report recently about this but it was closed because it was
not reproducible anymore by reporter:


Does this error happen always or only sometimes? Would it be possible
for you to update to lvm2 v2.02.165 and then hit this error again? In
that version, we added a bit more info for the error state that is
printed in this case so this would give us more insight about why the
failure happens exactly.



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