Heinz Mauelshagen schreef op 16-09-2016 16:13:

Yes, looks like you don't have the 2nd PV accessible by the time when
the raid1 is being discovered and initially activated,
hence the superblock can't be retrieved.

These messages seem to be coming from initramfs, so check which driver
is missing/not loaded to access the 2nd PV.

The fact that you gain access to the raid1 completely after reboot (as
you mention further down) tells the
aforementioned fact is reasoning this degraded activation.
I.e. disk driver loaded after root pivot.
Please ensure it is available in the initramfs and loaded.


Yes, thank you.

The problem was that the VG that contained the PV used as the 2nd PV was not getting activated at initramfs time.

I solved it now by creating some hooks that would obtain a hierarchical PV list from a running system and then ensure all PVs in that list that were also LVs, would get activated prior to the root device.

The issue is really that (on Ubuntu) LV activation is very selective in the initramfs. Of course it is an embedded or "enclosed" setup, maybe it is not recommended. Regardless the only issue was that LVs are getting selectively activated (only root and swap).


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