Dne 20.9.2016 v 18:07 Руденко Александр napsal(a):
Hi, friends.

I have strange question)

I have one shared LUN on many different hosts.
LUN is PV in some VG.

Each hosts can make any operation in this VG - create LV, remove LV, resize LV, 
If i want access to same LV on same host, i take "lvscan" and "lvchange -aey 
I'm sure can't two modification VG in same time.

It work fine for me.

My question.

Can i not use the CLVM extension?

CLVM is great extension for LVM, but i will have more 100 nodes.
This count not supported in corosync.

There is now (slowly) introduce another clustered locking support where
the instead of 'dlm' locking engine it's using  'sanlock'

It's targeting the 'many-nodes' clusters, might be likely worth to check.

It has some advantages over clvmd/dlm and on the other hand some features are missing (i.e. remove node activation).

But from the context you've show - it seems like it might be a good fit to start playing with..



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