Testing shows that the CUDA_POWERDOWN command never completes (for a 
Centris 660av or LC 475, at least). So, don't wait for command completion 
on those Cuda-based models that do not support soft power. Just proceed to 
log the usual message, "It is now safe to turn off your Macintosh."

Reported-by: Stan Johnson <user...@yahoo.com>
Tested-by: Stan Johnson <user...@yahoo.com>
Signed-off-by: Finn Thain <fth...@telegraphics.com.au>

diff --git a/arch/m68k/mac/misc.c b/arch/m68k/mac/misc.c
index 0f3ba726e8a9..d96348a52362 100644
--- a/arch/m68k/mac/misc.c
+++ b/arch/m68k/mac/misc.c
@@ -357,6 +357,17 @@ static void cuda_shutdown(void)
        struct adb_request req;
        if (cuda_request(&req, NULL, 2, CUDA_PACKET, CUDA_POWERDOWN) < 0)
+       /* Avoid infinite polling loop when PSU is not under Cuda control */
+       switch (macintosh_config->ident) {
+       case MAC_MODEL_C660:
+       case MAC_MODEL_Q605:
+       case MAC_MODEL_Q605_ACC:
+       case MAC_MODEL_P475:
+       case MAC_MODEL_P475F:
+               return;
+       }
        while (!req.complete)
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