On Sat, 7 Apr 2018, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Changes since v5:
> Christoph Hellwig:
> - fix comment style
> - drop initialization to zero in driver data init
> - fix alignment in struct declarations
> - drop braces around asm macros
> - change board_base type to void __iomem *
> - drop unneeded void __iomem * cast from ZTWO_VADDR() use
> - add comment to explain why ZTWO_VADDR() use is safe
> - move board specific functions to per-board esp_ops

The sparse warnings have changed to this:

  CHECK   /home/fthain/src/kernel.org/linux/drivers/scsi/zorro_esp.c
drivers/scsi/zorro_esp.c:274:14: warning: cast removes address space of 
drivers/scsi/zorro_esp.c:712:14: warning: cast removes address space of 

Why not just call writel() and get rid of the 't' temporary pointer?

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