Hi all,

Here comes an update of my conversion of ir-kbd-i2c to the new i2c
binding model. I've split it into 8 pieces for easier review. Firstly
there is 1 preliminary patch:


Then 3 patches doing the actual conversion:


Then 2 patches cleaning up saa7134-input thanks to the new
possibilities offered by the conversion:


And lastly driver-specific adjustments:

This patch set is against the v4l-dvb repository, but I didn't pay
attention to the compatibility issues. I simply build-tested it on
2.6.27, 2.6.29 and 2.6.30-rc5.

This patch set touches many different drivers and I can't test any of
them. My only TV card with an IR receiver doesn't make use of
ir-kbd-i2c. So I would warmly welcome testers. The more testing my
changes can get, the better.

And of course I welcome reviews and comments as well. I had to touch
many drivers I don't know anything about so it is possible that I
missed something.

The main difference with my previous patch set is that it is adjusted
to apply after Mike Isely's recent prvusb2 patches.

I'll post all 8 patches as replies to this post. They can also be
temporarily downloaded from:
Additionally I've put a combined patch there, to make testing easier:
But for review the individual patches are much better.

Jean Delvare
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