hermann-pit...@arcor.de said:
> thanks a lot for all your time and energy you did spend on this
My pleasure. Especially since I start to see some progress!

> I suggest we start collecting photographs of different LNA circuits on the
> wiki. 
Do you want me to open up the case and take some photos of the board? Any
particular circuit I should look for?

> For now, Tom offered his support already off list, I think we should start
> about the question, if that early Hauppauge HVR 1110 has such an LNA type one
> at all, since this caused to not look at it further, as it seemed to be
> without problems.
Well, this is a Pinnacle 310i, not a Hauppauge. At least acording to the box 
it came in! Are we talking about two different cards here?



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