Thanks to a loaner PVR-350 from Hans, I've been able to implement VBI
support in the cx18 driver for non-NTSC video standards. 

If you've got a 625 line PAL, SECAM, etc, video source and can test VBI
functions on a CX23418 based card, I'd like to hear how it works.  The
patches for testing are here:


I've only been able to test with PAL with VPS in field 1 line 16 and WSS
in field 1 line 23.  I wasn't able to figure out how to get Teletext B
out of the PVR-350, so I'd certainly like to hear if Teletext is

Note: to implement Raw VBI for 625 line/50 Hz systems to extract line 23
(WSS), I had to blank one extra line in each field.  This means that
625/50 systems will be missing 1 line from the top of each field (e.g.
line 24 won't show).  I thought that was better than having the fields
move up or down around if the user turned VBI on or off.


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