Hi Mark,
just searching "0c45:612a gspca" could save you lot of time.
I suppose you were looking at the old gspca homepage, because it
listed on Jean F. Moine site
http://moinejf.free.fr/webcam.html ( it dont know even it that page if
still updated )

About the "gstreamer", what kind of troubles are you having?. It's the
webcam streaming?
Did you follow the steps using libv4lconvert?.

I wrote that patch a year ago, so , if there's any problem let me know.
If you need help, about the lib4vlconvert thing, look at deaglecito.blogspot.com

Best Regards
Costantino Leandro

On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 12:08 PM, MK <halfcountp...@intergate.com> wrote:
> Thanks much for the feedback!  Here's what happened:
> Because the vendor id (0c45) is listed by the gspca website but not
> the product (612a), I decided to try inserting the id into one of the
> drivers/media/video/gspca.  When I actually grepped (had not grepped
> the tree itself yet), low and behold 612a is in sonixj.  The module
> compiles and responds to the camera, although the results in gstreamer,
> et. al, are disappointing -- the camera is not really usable, I suspect
> from the output it is the kernel driver, but I am not sure.  Since I
> didn't write this stuff, I think working alone it will be more trouble
> than it is worth to track the problem down, esp. if this is mostly a
> problem with an (obscure) inexpensive item that few linux users
> actually possess.
> So, I am going to cut my "loses" early on this project and cop out.
> I've learned a bunch about the kernel and in the process written some
> nifty little char drivers that are probably more useful to me than a
> webcam anyway. I think my time would be better spent on other things,
> eg, I might become useful in someone else's (more significant) linux
> kernel/driver project.  I will have a look around.
> But thanks again!  You were much nicer than mr Greg Kroah-Hartman ;) :0
> Sincerely, Mark Eriksen (getting his feet wet)
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