> >
> > From: Benoit Istin <beis...@gmail.com>
> >
> > There are several months my hvr1110 stop working.
> > This is very simple to fix, for my card revision at least, by setting a
> > missing field to the hauppauge_hvr_1110_config.
> >   
> Hello
> I see,
> what i don't remember is, when searching for good parameters for this 
> card (1110), AGC and Co was not necessary...
> correct me if i'm wrong :
> patch from Anders impacts cards with .tuner_config=1
> what i can do :
> step 1 :
> see if we really need .tuner_config = 1  on  hvr_1110_config otherwise 
> change to .tuner_config = 0
> step 2 :
> if needed, apply the patch from Anders and look if it's  better or not 
> both on analogic and dvb
> step 3 : report this results
> others ideas ?

Seems I can't find any details about Benoit's eventually different card
version in the mail archives. 

If it turns out we have revisions with LNA and without, we might try to
provide a separate entry for the LNA version. Usually on Hauppauge cards
we find means doing so.

> PS : i need times because my multimedia box is on production and i 
> prefer test this on another pc, you know : why change when all is good ?

Thanks for your time and no need for hurry.

If you keep your old media modules folder, you just can put it back in
place later again and "depmod -a" and you are done. Do "make rmmod" and
delete the new media modules folder previously and you should be 100%


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