Hi Mauro,

can you please pull from


- ISDB-T: add mapping of LAYER_ENABLED to frontend-cache
- ISDB-T: added reference to ARIB TR-B14
- ISDB-T: added bandwidth as an optional parameter
- ISDB-T: Added note about DTV_FREQUENCY
- DVB-API: add support for ISDB-T and ISDB-Tsb (version 5.1)

In addition to that I have an ISDB-T demodulator driver ready (including device-support of course) and have modified 'scan' in dvb-apps to use the interface to scan for ISDB-T channels (can be used as an example showing how to tune ISDB-T)

I'm looking forward to issue a pull request for that as well, but first I would like to have the API merged.

I'm aware that the RFC was quite silent (thanks to Mike and Akihiro for commenting) - I'm taking that as a "no-objection" on the current implementation.

I think binary compatibity is not broken, so applications compiled for DVB API 5.0 will continue to work without problems.

I think that the 3 months from now on are enough time to fix up possibly bad things before a next kernel release (2.6.32). A pull would also widen the testers range, which I'm strongly depending on.


Patrick Boettcher - Kernel Labs
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