This patch series has various fixes/enhancements for the rcar-vin driver.

It also removes the old soc-camera rcar-vin driver.

After this patch series there are only two soc-camera drivers left:

atmel-isi and sh-mobile-ceu-camera.

I hope I can get my atmel-isi replacement driver merged for 4.10 and then 
as a framework can be removed (i.e. it will become part of sh-mobile-ceu-camera 
not usable by other drivers anymore).



The following changes since commit c3b809834db8b1a8891c7ff873a216eac119628d:

  [media] pulse8-cec: fix compiler warning (2016-09-12 06:42:44 -0300)

are available in the git repository at:

  git:// rcar

for you to fetch changes up to 97468229c18da701d3bdd964a9c0a07ac61424e1:

  media: rcar-vin: use sink pad index for DV timings (2016-09-16 10:38:10 +0200)

Hans Verkuil (1):
      soc-camera/rcar-vin: remove obsolete driver

Niklas Söderlund (8):
      adv7180: rcar-vin: change mbus format to UYVY
      media: adv7180: fill in mbus format in set_fmt
      media: rcar-vin: make V4L2_FIELD_INTERLACED standard dependent
      media: rcar-vin: allow field to be changed
      media: rcar-vin: fix bug in scaling
      media: rcar-vin: fix height for TOP and BOTTOM fields
      media: rcar-vin: add support for V4L2_FIELD_ALTERNATE
      MAINTAINERS: Add entry for the Renesas VIN driver

Ulrich Hecht (2):
      rcar-vin: implement EDID control ioctls
      media: rcar-vin: use sink pad index for DV timings

 MAINTAINERS                                  |    9 +
 drivers/media/i2c/adv7180.c                  |   10 +-
 drivers/media/platform/rcar-vin/rcar-core.c  |    4 +-
 drivers/media/platform/rcar-vin/rcar-dma.c   |   39 +-
 drivers/media/platform/rcar-vin/rcar-v4l2.c  |  206 +++++---
 drivers/media/platform/rcar-vin/rcar-vin.h   |    2 +
 drivers/media/platform/soc_camera/Kconfig    |   10 -
 drivers/media/platform/soc_camera/Makefile   |    1 -
 drivers/media/platform/soc_camera/rcar_vin.c | 1968 
 9 files changed, 192 insertions(+), 2057 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/soc_camera/rcar_vin.c
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