On October 10 and 11 we will have a Codec & Request API brainstorm meeting.

It will be held in room 'Salon 13 Paris' located on level 1 of the Maritim 
Berlin Hotel
from 9am to 5pm each day.

The main reason for doing this is that we have at least two codec drivers that 
blocked due to the fact that the Request API has not been mainlined yet. Since 
all the
core developers that are involved in this work will be in Berlin for the ELCE 
we decided
that this is a good opportunity to brainstorm about what is needed to get the 
functionality mainlined.

Please note that this is a brainstorm meeting and not a regular media summit 

It is also an invite-only meeting, and I want to cap the number of attendees to 

The current list of attendees is:

Sakari Ailus
Kieran Bingham
Lars-Peter Clausen (Monday only)
Nicolas Dufresne (on and off?)
Pawel Osciak
Laurent Pinchart
Maxime Ripard
Hans Verkuil

If you believe you should be invited and are not in this list, then send me an 

If you are in this list, but are not able to join, or if you know you won't be 
to attend on certain days or times, then let me know as well.

I do not have an agenda, other than that we'll start with figuring out the 
status of the codec and request APIs, and we'll go from there.

Hopefully the end result of this meeting will be a roadmap of how and when to 
this mainlined, and who will do the various action items.


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