On 17-10-2016 12:37, Hans Verkuil wrote:
> Report of the V4L2 brainstorm meeting October 10-11 2016, Berlin


> 4.4 Streamon and streamoff
> - How to handle STREAMON/OFF?
>       - Pipelines without video nodes?
>       - Buffer size may change. Need to reallocate buffers, which is 
> currently done
>         through streamoff, reqbufs and streamon.
> - We probably want a STREAM_CANCEL which would dequeue pending buffers 
> (requests)
>   without stopping streaming.

I am facing this scenario in my HDMI decoder driver. I have an
input stream which may change the resolution while streaming, so
I need to do off/reconfigure/on and request new buffer with the
new image size, and I also have to mark the previous buffers as
invalid. The automatic dequeue of pending buffers would help a
lot but still, at least in my case, I have to reconfigure the
controller and pipeline to propagate the new format.

Off topic: I am using the notify functions to inform user space
of a format change but it is not working at all with vlc or
mplayer :(. Does anyone know of any application which can handle
this format change correctly?

Best regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu
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