On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 07:35:10PM +0000, Sean Young wrote:
> > I wanted to mention that the IR protocol is still showing as unknown.
> > Is there anything that can be done to sort that out?
> It would be nice if that could be sorted out, although that would be 
> a separate patch.
> So all we know right now is what scancode the IR receiver hardware
> produces but we have no idea what IR protocol is being used. In order to
> figure this out we need a recording of the IR the remote sends, for which
> a different IR receiver is needed. Neither your imon nor your 
> dvb_usb_af9035 can do this, something like a mce usb IR receiver would
> be best. Do you have access to one? One with an IR emitter would be
> best.
> So with that we can have a recording of the IR the remote sends, and
> with the emitter we can see which IR protocols the IR receiver 
> understands.

Haven't been able to find anything suitable. I would order something
but I won't be able to follow up for several weeks.
I'll ask on the myth list to see if anyone is up for trying this.

Thanks again for your help with this
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