On 27 November 2016 at 08:07, Marcel Hasler <mahas...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This patchset is a result of my attempt to fix a bug 
> (https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=180071) that eventually turned 
> out to be caused by a missing quirk in snd-usb-audio. My idea was to remove 
> the AC97 interface and setup the codec using the same values and in the same 
> order as the Windows driver does, hoping there might be some "magic" sequence 
> that would make the sound work the way it should. Although this didn't help 
> to fix the problem, I found these changes to be useful nevertheless.
> IMHO, having all of the AC97 codec's channels exposed to userspace is 
> confusing since most of them have no meaning for this device anyway. Changing 
> these values in alsamixer has either no effect at all or may even reduce the 
> sound quality since it can actually increase the line-in DC offset (slightly).
> In addition, having to re-select the correct capture channel everytime the 
> device has been plugged in is annoying. At least on my systems the mixer 
> setup is only saved if the device is plugged in during shutdown/reboot. I 
> also get error messages in my kernel log when I unplug the device because 
> some process (probably the AC97 driver) ist trying to read from the device 
> after it has been removed. Either way the device should work out-of-the-box 
> without the need for the user to manually setup channels.
> The first patch in the set therefore removes the 'stk1160-mixer' and lets the 
> driver setup the AC97 codec using the same values as the Windows driver. 
> Although some of the values seem to be defaults I let the driver set them 
> either way, just to be sure.
> The second patch adds a check to determine whether the device is strapped to 
> use the internal 8-bit ADC or an external chip. There's currently no check in 
> place to determine whether the device uses AC-link or I2S, but then again I 
> haven't heard of any of these devices actually using an I2S chip. If the 
> device uses the internal ADC the AC97 setup can be skipped. I implemented the 
> check inside stk1160-ac97. It could just as well be in stk1160-core but this 
> way just seemed cleaner. If at some point the need arises to check other 
> power-on strap values, it might make sense to refactor this then.
> The third patch adds a new module parameter for setting the record gain 
> manually since the AC97 chip is no longer exposed to userspace. The Windows 
> driver doesn't allow this value to be changed but instead always sets it to 8 
> (of 15). While this should be fine for most users, some may prefer something 
> higher.
> The fourth patch addresses an issue when reading from the AC97 chip too soon, 
> resulting in corrupt data.
> Changes from version 2:
> * Added copyright notice
> * Added defines for POSVA bytes and bits
> * Added check for ACDOUT bit to determine whether audio is disabled completely
> * Removed info output for gain setting
> * Added fourth patch which had been submitted independently before
> * Expanded comment on AC97 read delay
> Marcel Hasler (4):
>   stk1160: Remove stk1160-mixer and setup internal AC97 codec automatically.
>   stk1160: Check whether to use AC97 codec.
>   stk1160: Add module param for setting the record gain.
>   stk1160: Give the chip some time to retrieve data from AC97 codec.

For the whole set:

Acked-by: Ezequiel Garcia <ezequ...@vanguardiasur.com.ar>

Ezequiel GarcĂ­a, VanguardiaSur
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