Hi all,

I have some USB-3.0 cameras that use UVC.
These cameras offer auto updates for various properties.
An example of such a property would be gain, that will be adjusted when 
activating the auto-gain
property. These property changes are not queried by the UVC driver, unless it 
already has the
property marked as auto update via UVC_CTRL_FLAG_AUTO_UPDATE.
>From what I have seen, it seems that this flag is not checked when indexing 
>the camera controls.
However it is checked when using extension units, so all properties loaded 
through such a unit are
being updates as one would hope.

My questions:

Is it intended that properties cannot mark themselves as autoupdate?
If yes:
        Is there a recommended way of working around this?
        Do all autoupdate properties have to be in an extension unit?
If no:
        What should a fix look like?



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