Most of CSI-1 / N900 camera support is there in linux-next tree:
patches marked "n" are in, unmarked patches are only in Sakari's tree.

Is there something I can do to help merging patches to linux-next? We
are quite close, and it would be nice to have camera support in v4.14...


369e74605f768efa74483ab08e706347756e2092 omap3isp: Skip CSI-2 receiver 
initialisation in CCP2 configuratio$
8f7dc67fed42fa3d36f590fb42769bcf1513e37a omap3isp: Correctly put the last 
iterated endpoint fwnode always
d3e8774ca1119c264886b84d49ef28da0b459bb4 omap3isp: Always initialise isp and 
mutex for csiphy1
n 259c3fa06348d8142406796d0e7beb5753d07d31 omap3isp: Return -EPROBE_DEFER if 
the required regulators can't$
5034d8d8eceec96908c4659be58507177d0a462c omap3isp: Correctly set IO_OUT_SEL and 
VP_CLK_POL for CCP2 mode
bf54a7459801bde07e3c1bfc7840f30abc296f62 omap3isp: Parse CSI1 configuration 
from the device tree
n 07120f2667ea1c02d86dce1b3d46e28cb23e3a15 omap3isp: Ignore endpoints with 
invalid configuration
n 5151d5af4010a2aeeaff1fb05de4661f2fd6d982 omap3isp: add CSI1 support
n 7947670b57539df822cabaaf1d0e8a78fbcd1290 omap3isp: Explicitly set the number 
of CSI-2 lanes used in lane$
n 7f52779e72e4c14ffdffcf0cebdefde193457a82 omap3isp: Destroy CSI-2 phy mutexes 
in error and module removal
n dbd6d72970e87f39936bc036a1a9441e59177434 omap3isp: Check for valid port in 
n 8a61b9bf1134d7f57e2bd65aeac0b553ecc7301e smiapp: add CCP2 support
n f71d8a1c3f33b510b379278ea171d3495ac98bb6 v4l: Add support for CSI-1 and CCP2 
n 1d2e2bc5f4bf78db9aa63e68dfd44823f9b62237 v4l: fwnode: Obtain data bus type 
from FW
n 3e4351a7e39775ef13c51950f83c51fb5d98b33c v4l: fwnode: Call CSI2 bus csi2, not 
n 5e8535c064363713855d975f2c9777bbc739c877 dt: bindings: Add strobe property 
for CCP2
n 3c736565c543ec97f54f177df295ed729e80d39f dt: bindings: Explicitly specify bus 

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