On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 04:29:57PM +0300, Todor Tomov wrote:
> This patchset adds basic support for the Qualcomm Camera Subsystem found
> on Qualcomm MSM8916 and APQ8016 processors.
> The driver implements V4L2, Media controller and V4L2 subdev interfaces.
> Camera sensor using V4L2 subdev interface in the kernel is supported.
> The driver is implemented using as a reference the Qualcomm Camera
> Subsystem driver for Android as found in Code Aurora [1].
> The driver is tested on Dragonboard 410C (APQ8016) with one and two
> OV5645 camera sensors. media-ctl [2] and yavta [3] applications were
> used for testing. Also Gstreamer 1.10.4 with v4l2src plugin is supported.
> More information is present in the document added by the third patch.


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