>So, I'm basically trusting that one of you will do the sub-maintainers job
>adding the patches on a tree and asking me to pull. Currently, Sakari and
>Hans have accounts at linuxtv that can be used for that purpose. You may
>also host your -hg trees on any other place and ask me to pull from it.

Currently all the patches go through Hans. 

>If you (TI) think that you need another -hg account, feel free to send me a
>private email for me to create it, but please don't ask me to dig into

I think we will have to do it eventually. We will work on this and let you
know once we have this ready. Even in that case, H

>individual patches, since it won't scale.

>In the specific case of the V4L/DVB timings API, if you think that the
>doc proposal is OK, please merge it with the patches into some -hg tree
>and ask me to pull from it.
See email from Hans. Once he gives me his comments, I will work on it and
provide an updated patch. But IMO you should go ahead and merge the video
timing API patch for which Hans had sent you a pull request (since we have the 
documentation part being reviewed in the list). We are waiting
for this to be merged to send additional patches that depends on it. So
this is a high priority patch for 2.6.33.

Thanks and regards,

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