> We're waiting for the end of the 4.16 merge window.
Ahh, this is the reason for the delay.

> For me that meant that I simply did (and still don't) have time to look at
> fixing the media_build.
No problem, I do it when I have time ;)

> The media_build is also broken worse than usual AFAIK, so it isn't a quick fix
> I can do in between other jobs.
I will look into that, when I fixed the current problem in uvcvideo

> I'm OK to take a patch and then revert it later when the real fix has been 
> merged.
So ... just sent a patch for media_build.

> BTW, if you are interested then I would be more than happy to hand over 
> media_build
> maintenance to you.
I am not sure if I know enough to completely do this. But I can be a substitute
and continue what I did the last month. This means I would prefer that you keep
the head of media_build and I do the work.
But I would need write access to the media_build GIT tree. Please contact me
off list for details.


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