The big issue here is: how do we document that "EM28xxHVR950-00" is the 
Hauppauge Grey IR that
is shipped with their newer devices.
A third approach would be to identify, instead, the Remote Controller directly. 
So, we would
add a sysfs field like ir_type.

I'd pick a more descriptive name like 'bundled_remote'.
Maybe an additional attribute could say which protocol the bundled remote speaks (rc5, ...), so userspace could do something sensible by default even if it has no data about the bundled remote.

There are two issues here:
        1) What's the name for this IR? We'll need to invent names for the 
existing IR's, as
those devices don't have a known brand name;

Name them by the hardware they are bundled with should work reasonable well.

        2) there are cases where the same device is provided with two or more 
different IR
types. If we identify the board type instead of the IR type, userspace can 
better handle
it, by providing a list of the possibilities.

We also could also provide a list of possible remotes directly via sysfs instead of expecting userspace know which remotes can come bundled with which board.

No matter how we map, we'll still need to document it somehow to userspace. 
What would be
the better? A header file? A set of keymaps from the default IR's that will be 
on some directory at the Linux tree? A Documentation/IR ?

I'd suggest tools/ir/ (map loader intended to be called by udev) and the maps being files in the linux source tree (next to the drivers?). The maps probably should be installed on some standard location (pretty much like firmware).

Anyway, we shouldn't postpone lirc drivers addition due to that. There are 
still lots of work
to do before we'll be able to split the tables from the kernel drivers.

Indeed. The sysfs bits are future work for both lirc and evdev drivers. There is no reason to make the lirc merge wait for it.

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