On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 10:08 -0500, Jon Smirl wrote: 
> While reading all of these IR threads another way of handling IR
> occurred to me that pretty much eliminates the need for LIRC and
> configuration files in default cases. The best way to make everything
> "just work" is to eliminate it.
> The first observation is that the IR profile of various devices are
> well known. Most devices profiles are in the published One-for-All
> database. These device profiles consist of vendor/device/command
> triplets. There is one triplet for each command like play, pause, 1,
> 2, 3, power, etc.
> The second observation is that universal remotes know how to generate
> commands for all of the common devices.
> Let's define evdev messages for IR than contain vendor/device/command
> triplets. I already posted code for doing that in my original patch
> set. These messages are generated from in-kernel code.
> Now add a small amount of code to MythTV, etc to act on these evdev
> messages. Default MythTV, etc to respond to the IR commands for a
> common DVR device. Program your universal remote to send the commands
> for this device. You're done. Everything will "just work" - no LIRC,
> no irrecord, no config files, no command mapping, etc.
You are making one  big wrong assumption that everyone that has a remote
uses mythtv, and only it.

Many users including me, use the remote just like a keyboard, or even
like a mouse.

> Of course there are details involved in making this work. MythTV will
> have to have a config option to allow it to emulate several different
> DVR devices so that you can pick one that you don't own. It should
> also have choices for emulating the common devices defined for the
> remotes included with various Linux video board like the Hauppauge
> remote.
> For apps that haven't been modified you will have to run a daemon
> which will capture vendor/device/command evdev events and convert them
> into keystroke commands than work the menus. You'll need a config file
> for this and have to write scripts. Instead I'd just go modify the app
> the respond to the IR events, it is easy to do.
> Long run, we define a MythTV IR profile, mplayer profile, etc and get
> these into the IR database for universal remotes. Now MythTV can stop
> emulating another vendor's device.
> For the default MythTV case no external support will need to be
> installed if the protocol decode engines are in the kernel. The raw
> data will come in, run through the engines, and pop out as evdev
> messages with a vendor/device/command triplet. Devices that decode in
> hardware will just send vendor/device/command triplets.

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