After commit 9bedc7f ("V4L/DVB (12429): v4l2-ioctl: fix G_STD and G_PARM 
default handlers"), radio software using V4L1 stopped to work on a saa7134 
card, a git bisect pointed to this commit introducing the regression. All 
VIDIOCGTUNER calls on a v4l1 application are returning -EINVAL after this 

Investigating the issue, it turns out that v4l1_compat_get_tuner calls 
VIDIOC_G_STD ioctl, but as it is a radio device (saa7134-radio) it now is 
returning -EINVAL to user space applications which are being confused about 

May be VIDIOC_G_STD change in the commit above should be reverted, or 
v4l1_compat_get_tuner changed to not return error with G_STD, or not call 
G_STD ioctl for a radio device?

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