>> >> +         status = -EBUSY;
>> >[Hiremath, Vaibhav] Is -EBUSY right return value, I think it should be -
>> >
>> I see -ENXIO & -ENOMEM being used by drivers. -ENXIO stands for "No such
>device or address". ENOMEM stands for "Out of memory" . Since we are trying
>to map the address here, -ENXIO looks reasonable to me. Same if
>request_mem_region() fails.
>Sergei had posted on this earlier[1]. Quoting him here:

Was this his personal opinion or has he given any reference to support it?
I did a grep for this in the driver directory and the result I got is in inline 
with Sergie's suggestion. So I am going to update the patch with these and send 
it again.

>> What are the proper error codes when platform_get_resource,
>    -ENODEV.
>> request_mem_region
>    -EBUSY.
>> and ioremap functions fail?.
>    -ENOMEM.
>Not sure if ioremap failure can relate to absence of a device.

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