Could you confirm my question below? I need to submit a patch on Monday.

>>Currently we have vpfe_capture.c file (master/bridge driver) which is
>>handling clk_get/put, and platform data is providing the details about it.
>>Ideally we should handle it in respective ccdc driver file, since he has
>>all the knowledge about required number of clocks and its name. This way
>>don't have to maintain/pass clock information in platform data.
>>I would appreciate any comments/thoughts/pointers here.

>Though I agree that this clock could be set by the ccdc driver, I am not
>sure if the same clock is used by an IP on different SOCs. For example take
>the case of ccdc on DM6446 which is also used on OMAP 35xx SOC. Do they use
>vpss master and slave clocks as is done on DM6446? If this is true, then we
>could set the clock inside ccdc driver.
>Let me know so that I can re-work the patch and send it to the list.
>>>  };
>>>  static struct platform_device *davinci_evm_devices[] __initdata = {
>>> diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-dm644x-evm.c
>>> b/arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-dm644x-evm.c
>>> index fd0398b..45beb99 100644
>>> --- a/arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-dm644x-evm.c
>>> +++ b/arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-dm644x-evm.c
>>> @@ -250,6 +250,8 @@ static struct vpfe_config vpfe_cfg = {
>>>     .sub_devs = vpfe_sub_devs,
>>>     .card_name = "DM6446 EVM",
>>>     .ccdc = "DM6446 CCDC",
>>> +   .num_clocks = 2,
>>> +   .clocks = {"vpss_master", "vpss_slave"},
>>>  };
>>>  static struct platform_device rtc_dev = {
>>> --

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