2009/11/26 Matthias Wächter <matth...@waechter.wiz.at>:
> I am now playing around with the available code for quite some time now
> with mixed success, but no solution comes near the term “stable”.
> • kernel: nothing in there. Well, reasonable.
> • v4l-dvb: nothing in there.
> • s2-liplianin: mantis available, but obviously not under
> development/bugfixing. IR seems to work, CI handling looks quite broken,
> hangups/lockups are the rule, additional problems with more than one of
> these cards in the system.
> • mantis-v4l: does not compile out of the box for recent kernels. When
> hand-knitting the files into a kernel source directory (2.6.31), works
> quite unstable, module reloading frequently segfaults. IR does not work
> (at least for VDR), CI handling looks better than s2-liplianin.
> Conclusion: Stability is way below a level for reasonable usage while
> bug fixing.
> [1] gives an overview of the current state of (non-)development. Does
> this still apply?
> My questions are:
> • Is there someone feeling responsible for that baby?
> • What is the main part of the mantis stuff not working – mantis itself,
> the frontend, or adaptions from multiproto to s2api?
> • What can someone owning some of these cards (one Terratec, two
> Technisat) do to help the (former) authors to continue their work?
> • Is there some documentation available which would enable ‘the
> community’ to work on that further?

Please try http://jusst.de/hg/v4l-dvb
and report the issues

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