I have Gotview X5 3D Hybrid PCI-E card (selector XCEIVE 5000, decoder CX23887, 
demodulator ZL10353). I tried to switch on it in Linux, but it seems it's not 
supported (cx23885 driver says board: UNKNOWN/GENERIC). But I've read that's 
not that very difficult to add necessary information about it to get it work, 
but I never read a detailed instructions how to do it.

Could you please tell me what should I do to get it supported? I'm C++ 
programmer myself but not familiar with Linux kernel very much. So any 
detailed instruction where to add necessary structures would be great. I also 
can gather information about the card (GPIO etc.) if it should be added by 
kernel maintainers only.

Thank you in advance.

Alexey Chernov.
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