This message is generated daily by a cron job that builds media_tree for
the kernels and architectures in the list below.

Results of the daily build of media_tree:

date:                   Mon Apr 16 05:00:13 CEST 2018
media-tree git hash:    b284d4d5a6785f8cd07eda2646a95782373cd01e
media_build git hash:   78d6ded165a133942a9615a80ca8e0d48749c592
v4l-utils git hash:     47d43b130dc6e9e0edc900759fb37649208371e4
gcc version:            i686-linux-gcc (GCC) 7.3.0
sparse version:         v0.5.2-rc1
smatch version:         v0.5.0-4419-g3b5bf5c9
host hardware:          x86_64
host os:                4.14.0-3-amd64

linux-git-arm-at91: OK
linux-git-arm-davinci: OK
linux-git-arm-multi: OK
linux-git-arm-pxa: OK
linux-git-arm-stm32: OK
linux-git-arm64: OK
linux-git-i686: OK
linux-git-mips: OK
linux-git-powerpc64: OK
linux-git-sh: OK
linux-git-x86_64: OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux- OK
linux-3.0.101-i686: OK
linux-3.0.101-x86_64: OK
linux-3.1.10-i686: OK
linux-3.1.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.2.101-i686: OK
linux-3.2.101-x86_64: OK
linux-3.3.8-i686: OK
linux-3.3.8-x86_64: OK
linux-3.4.113-i686: OK
linux-3.4.113-x86_64: OK
linux-3.5.7-i686: OK
linux-3.5.7-x86_64: OK
linux-3.6.11-i686: OK
linux-3.6.11-x86_64: OK
linux-3.7.10-i686: OK
linux-3.7.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.8.13-i686: OK
linux-3.8.13-x86_64: OK
linux-3.9.11-i686: OK
linux-3.9.11-x86_64: OK
linux-3.10.108-i686: OK
linux-3.10.108-x86_64: OK
linux-3.11.10-i686: OK
linux-3.11.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.12.74-i686: OK
linux-3.12.74-x86_64: OK
linux-3.13.11-i686: OK
linux-3.13.11-x86_64: OK
linux-3.14.79-i686: OK
linux-3.14.79-x86_64: OK
linux-3.15.10-i686: OK
linux-3.15.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.16.56-i686: OK
linux-3.16.56-x86_64: OK
linux-3.17.8-i686: OK
linux-3.17.8-x86_64: OK
linux-3.18.102-i686: OK
linux-3.18.102-x86_64: OK
linux-3.19.8-i686: OK
linux-3.19.8-x86_64: OK
linux-4.0.9-i686: OK
linux-4.0.9-x86_64: OK
linux-4.1.51-i686: OK
linux-4.1.51-x86_64: OK
linux-4.2.8-i686: OK
linux-4.2.8-x86_64: OK
linux-4.3.6-i686: OK
linux-4.3.6-x86_64: OK
linux-4.4.109-i686: OK
linux-4.4.109-x86_64: OK
linux-4.5.7-i686: OK
linux-4.5.7-x86_64: OK
linux-4.6.7-i686: OK
linux-4.6.7-x86_64: OK
linux-4.7.10-i686: OK
linux-4.7.10-x86_64: OK
linux-4.8.17-i686: OK
linux-4.8.17-x86_64: OK
linux-4.9.91-i686: OK
linux-4.9.91-x86_64: OK
linux-4.14.31-i686: OK
linux-4.14.31-x86_64: OK
linux-4.15.14-i686: OK
linux-4.15.14-x86_64: OK
linux-4.16-i686: OK
linux-4.16-x86_64: OK
apps: OK
spec-git: OK
sparse: WARNINGS

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Full logs are available here:

The Media Infrastructure API from this daily build is here:

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