I'm currently working with a RPI 3 in 64 bit os.

I have the issue that the image captured is cropped. I don't know
where it comes from but I'm exploring all possibilities. Note that it
works perfectly on a 32 bits os with same versions of v4l, kernel,
libc and everything. The system is generated with Yocto so I'm 100%
sure the versions don't change.

I don't think the kernel plays a big role here and my knowledge about
it is not significant enough to dig into the image capture calls
I tried using musl instead of libc but results are similar. I don't
need to enable quirks to fetch the image when using it but the cropped
image is exactly the same.

Here is the system configuration:

* Kernel 4.9.52
* v4l 1.14.2
* XHV57-NBL60 usb camera with uvcvideo driver

Would you know how I could know V4l is not causing such issue?

Best regards,
David Bensoussan

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