On 04/16/2018 03:39 AM, Samuel Bobrowicz wrote:
> Can anyone verify if the OV5640 driver works with input clocks other
> than the typical 24MHz? The driver suggests anything from 6MHz-24MHz
> is acceptable, but I am running into issues while bringing up a module
> that uses a 12MHz oscillator. I'd expect that different xclk's would
> necessitate different register settings for the various resolutions
> (PLL settings, PCLK width, etc.), however the driver does not seem to
> modify nearly enough based on the frequency of xclk.
> Sam

I'm pretty sure it has never been tested with 12 MHz. The i.MX SabreLite
seems to use 22 MHz, and I can't tell from the code what the SabreSD uses
(probably 22 or 24 MHz). Steve will probably know.



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