Thanks for taking care.

> Please try
> and report the issues

It looks as if dependencies and frontends are not in line.

• dependencies for my card’s relevant frontends STB0899, STB6100, and
LNBP21 are missing from Kconfig,
• dependency for CU1216 is in, but frontend driver source missing. It’s
neither in my kernel 2.6.32 sources nor in linuxtv’s v4l-dvb.

So, mantis_core is automatically selected and compiled, hopper too, but
not mantis.

Worked around it by adding/replacing the dependencies (in fact, removing
the dependency for CU1216 should have enabled build of mantis).

Remaining issues for me:

• Can’t lock to 19.2/11303h (looks like something new, related to the
change of the transponder’s feed, but other cards – e.g. TBS 6920 and
Tevii 470 – do sync without a problem). Looks like a frontend issue to
me (STB0899/STB6100), as mantis and budget-ci cards are affected in the
same way. This correlates with perfect and quick lock of 19.2/11362h
which is about the same frequency and has the same DVB parameters

• Sometimes very slow lock at transponder change, slow enough to trace
it in femon. femon first shows high BER rates and the picture is blocky,
reducing within 3 or 4 Seconds to BER=0 and perfect picture. I should be
able to repeat that and give you some logs if you need it.

• Sometimes lock to a transponder only in certain order of previous
transponder. Hard to formalize, though. Verbose module output shows 1 to
2 unsuccessful locking attempts per second by the driver.

• Still no 0x0000-0xffff SNR and STR range.

• Currently no lock on 19.2/12693h either, but this may be a signal
quality issue on my side.

• Have not yet tried it with two mantis cards in a system, but there was
a problem at least with ci handling in such a setup using s2-liplianin
for a friend of mine. Will test that next week.

• Have not tried IR (I use a radio RCU with lirc).

– Matthias
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