Hi. Have you had a chance to look at this version of the driver?



Santiago Nunez-Corrales wrote:
This series of patches provide support for the TVP7002 decoder in DM365.

Support includes:

* Inclusion of the chip in v4l2 definitions
* Definition of TVP7002 specific data structures
* Kconfig and Makefile support

This series corrects many issued pointed out by Snehaprabha Narnakaje,
Muralidharan Karicheri, Vaibhav Hiremath and Hans Verkuil and solves
testing problems.  Tested on DM365 TI EVM with resolutions 720p,
10...@60, 576P and 480P with video capture application and video
output in 480P, 576P, 720P and 1080I. This driver depends upon
board-dm365-evm.c and vpfe_capture.c to be ready for complete
integration. Uses the new V4L2 DV API sent by Muralidharan Karicheri.
Removed shadow register values. Removed unnecesary power down and up
of the device (tests work fine). Improved readability.

Santiago Nunez-Corrales, Eng.
RidgeRun Engineering, LLC

Guayabos, Curridabat
San Jose, Costa Rica
+(506) 2271 1487
+(506) 8313 0536

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