Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab <> writes:

>> struct input_keytable_entry {
>>      u16     index;
>>      u64     scancode;
>>      u32     keycode;
>> } __attribute__ ((packed));
>> (the attribute packed avoids needing a compat for 64 bits)
> Maybe { u64 scancode; u32 keycode; u16 index; u16 reserved } would be a
> bit better, no alignment problems and we could eventually change
> "reserved" into something useful.
> But I think, if we are going to redesign it, we better use scancodes of
> arbitrary length (e.g. protocol-dependent length). It should be opaque
> except for the protocol handler.

Yes, an opaque type for scancode at the userspace API can be better, but
passing a pointer to kernel will require some compat32 logic (as pointer
size is different on 32 and 64 bits).

We may use something like an u8[] with an arbitrary large number of bytes.
In this case, we need to take some care to avoid LSB/MSB troubles.

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