Jonathan Cameron wrote:
> Hi All,
>>> 3) it would be interesting to patch the other sensor drivers to be 
>>> compatible
>>>    with soc_camera (mt9v011/ov7670);
>> Well, this could be done, yes, but does it make sense to do this blindly 
>> without any hardware to test? I would rather add such conversions on a 
>> one-by-one basis as need arises.
> I'm working on the ov7670. I've added the media bus stuff to what I've
> previously posted but I haven't tested as yet.  For reference, a quick and 
> dirty
> cut of the patch is below.  Some thought is needed on how to deal with the 
> sections
> that currently need to be different for the soc-camera and non soc camera 
> uses.
> (mainly the registration code in probe).

True. Couldn't this be a library that handles the code difference between
soc-camera platform-data bits and normal subdev?

Even better: couldn't this code be handled by soc_camera core and just use
subdev interface for both cases?

After finishing the patch, please ping me. I have here an OLPC with ov7670 where
I can test if the new code doesn't break the cafe_ccic driver. You'll probably
need to touch on it, as it will need to use the new mediabus API to talk with 

> On another note, does anyone have an objection to making the set_bus_param
> function optional?   At the moment we are adding null functions for those
> devices that can't actually change anything which seems a little pointless.


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