Jean-Francois Moine wrote:
On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 03:45:00 +0000
Luis Maia <> wrote:

Added extra chipset revision (sensor) to fix camera zc0301 with ID: 0ac8:301b .
Since i own one of this cameras fixed and tested it.


diff -uNr linux- linux- --- linux- 2009-12-14 17:47:25.000000000 +0000
+++ linux-
2009-12-15 02:42:13.000000000 +0000
@@ -6868,6 +6868,7 @@
     {0x8001, 0x13},
     {0x8000, 0x14},        /* CS2102K */
     {0x8400, 0x15},        /* TAS5130K */
+    {0xe400, 0x15},
static int vga_3wr_probe(struct gspca_dev *gspca_dev)
@@ -7634,7 +7635,7 @@
     {USB_DEVICE(0x0698, 0x2003)},
     {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x0301), .driver_info = SENSOR_PAS106},
     {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x0302), .driver_info = SENSOR_PAS106},
-    {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x301b)},
+    {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x301b), .driver_info = SENSOR_PB0330},
     {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x303b)},
     {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x305b), .driver_info =
SENSOR_TAS5130C_VF0250}, {USB_DEVICE(0x0ac8, 0x307b)},

Hello Luis,

I don't understand your patch:
1) you added 0xe400 in the chipset table giving the sensor tas5130c K
2) in the device table you say that the 0ac8:301b sensor is a pb0330
   (but this information is not used: the sensor type in .driver_info
   may be only pas106 for sif probe or mc501cb/tas5130_vf0250 for no

What is exactly the sensor of your webcam?

Sensor for my webcam is tas5130K, sorry my bad .i forgot to remove the line 
from .driver_info and didn't noticed.
Thus correct information is on the device table.
I bought a pack of webcams from the same suplier with same model for friends, 
i'm waiting for feedback from the patch.

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