I've got sheeva plug device. It works as file server over smb. I didn't check how it works with Full HD movies but there is no problem with HD Ready movies. I can check things like max transfer rate and let you know what this thing can do.

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I am new here and start with a setup question.

The media or NAS server I think about: http://plugcomputer.org/

It has a high speed USB 2.0 port and a gigabit Lan.

Using Linux and VLC as the streaming server, would this be good for streaming full HD videos from a attached USB hard drive?
The streaming client in mind: http://www.fit-pc.com/web/

Would it be possible to use this box (the cheapest one is about 299 € + shipping in germany) with XBMC or other stuff? I mean saving the hard drives in the client box when a SAN is used. Both could use Linux and thus fully controlled and tweaked for best performing as a media center solution.

The reason why I ask is because my brother want's to save money and don't like to waste money for hardware components that may not really needed.

Other devices in mind were these components:


But is there the opportunity to use the media from the movie cube to be streamed to other computers?

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