Kevin is going to merge the arch part #67669 as we did last time.
Please merge only the v4l2 part. I have copied Kevin in this email.

Murali Karicheri
Software Design Engineer
Texas Instruments Inc.
Germantown, MD 20874
phone: 301-407-9583

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mauro Carvalho Chehab []
>Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:18 AM
>To: Hans Verkuil
>Cc:; Karicheri, Muralidharan
>Subject: Re: [PULL]
>Hans Verkuil wrote:
>> Hi Mauro,
>> Please pull from for
>the following:
>> - v4l: vpfe_capture: remove clock and ccdc resource handling
>> - v4l: vpfe capture: convert dm355 ccdc driver to a platform driver
>> - v4l: vpfe capture: convert dm644x ccdc module to a platform driver
>> And after these three patches are pulled in, then this arch patch should
>also be
>> merged for git:
>Hmm... It seems that git bisect will break if I merge first the conversion
>and then
>the platform_data patches.
>Also, we had some bad merge dependency troubles last time I merged an arch
>on my tree, as those omap arch header files are highly volatile. I bet that,
>if I
>merge the patch #67669 on my tree it will cause conflicts when I send it
>the next merge window (and it is too late for sending those patches to
>wait for a couple days and send upstream before -rc1).
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