In the same vein, I'm interested in this one, namely:

I have tried the, since recently the
liplianin mantis driver is not working (unknown symbols...). 

However, the problems I have as opposed to the previously working driver
- the module does not install in a way it gets autoloaded on startup - I
have to manually add it (modprobe) or put it into /etc/modules (debian)
- while the card itself works, I don't have IR functionality anymore.
>From what I gather from the kernel log, the input line

input: Mantis VP-2040 IR Receiver as /devices/virtual/input/input4

just doesn't exist anymore. Further more the whole bunch is missing:

mantis_ca_init (0): Registering EN50221 device
mantis_ca_init (0): Registered EN50221 device
mantis_hif_init (0): Adapter(0) Initializing Mantis Host Interface
input: Mantis VP-2040 IR Receiver as /devices/virtual/input/input4
Creating IR device irrcv0

I tried 2.6.32 kernel which worked before, now I'm using 2.6.33-rc1
where I had to comment out #include <linux/autoconf.h> the from the

Any ideas how to get the comfort back? ;)


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