Dear Guennadi

Now my board (EcoVec) can use 2 soc-camera (mt9t112 / tw9910),
and mt9t112 can attach/detach.

If mt9t112 is attached,
/dev/video0 = mt9t112
/dev/video1 = tw9910

But if mt9t112 is detached, it will
/dev/video0 = tw9910

Now I would like to know which camera is /dev/video0.
my /dev/video0 is

> ls -l /dev/video0
> crw--w----  1 root 1000 81, 0 Jun  9  2009 /dev/video0

I cheked 81:0 's name

> cat /sys/dev/char/81\:0/name
> sh_mobile_ceu.1

Above name is host of soc-camera for me.
Are there any way to know camera name (mt9t112/tw9910) ?

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto
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