Em 24-12-2009 00:17, Mauro Carvalho Chehab escreveu:
> I wrote several patches those days in order to allow dvb-apps to properly
> parse ISDB-T channel.conf.
> On ISDB-T, there are several new parameters, so the parsing is more complex
> than all the other currently supported video standards.
> I've added the changes at:
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~mchehab/dvb-apps-isdbt/
> I've merged there Patrick's dvb-apps-isdbt tree.
> While there, I fixed a few bugs I noticed on the parser and converted it
> to work with the DVB API v5 headers that are bundled together with dvb-apps.
> This helps to avoid adding lots of extra #if DVB_ABI_VERSION tests. The ones
> there can now be removed.
> =====
> The new ISDB-T parameters are parsed, but I haven't add yet a code to make
> them to be used;
> There are 3 optional parameters with ISDB-T, related to 1seg/3seg: the
> segment parameters. Currently, the parser will fail if those parameters are 
> found.
> gnutv is still reporting ISDB-T as "DVB-T".

I've just fixed the issues on the TODO list. The DVB v5 code is now working fine
for ISDB-T.

Pending stuff (patches are welcome):
        - Implement v5 calls for other video standards;
        - Remove the duplicated DVBv5 code on /util/scan/scan.c (the code for 
DVBv5 is now at /lib/libdvbapi/v5api.c);
        - Test/use the functions to retrieve values via DVBv5 API. The function 
already there, but I haven't tested.

With the DVBv5 API implementation, zap is now working properly with ISDB-T.
gnutv also works (although some outputs - like decoder - may need some changes, 
order to work with mpeg4/AAC video/audio codecs).

Have fun!

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