Daniele Venzano wrote:
> Hello,
> at this URL:
> http://linux.terratec.de/tv_en.html
> there is a driver package for the Terratec S7 DVB-S/S2 USB.
> I'd like to know if they are (1) working 

no idea, but perhaps someone else knows, or you could try them yourself
(slash volunteer to be the guinea pig for everyone else) if you have the

> and (2) being considered for
> inclusion in the dvb tree.

no idea if anyone at Terratec is working in conjunction with v4l-dvb, or
has plans for its inclusion into the kernel ... there may already be
such work/plans, but I'm ignorant of such. In any regards, if they are
interested, then they should for the following instructions on route to
achieving that purpose:
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