Oliver Endriss wrote:

Johan wrote:
I need some guidance on error messages..

[ 7678.312025] dvb-ttpci: StartHWFilter error buf 0b07 0010 0803 b96a ret 0 handle ffff

These start as soon as I view or record a channel, and obviously fills up the log quickly.

I believe the code that generates these messages is at the bottom of this message (part of av7110.c). This code was introduced in 2005 to improve error reporting.


Currently I run today's v4l-dvb (using a hg update), and kernel 2.6.31-16. (Ubuntu), however the issue occurred in older combinations as well (over a year ago), so it is not introduced by the last kernels or DVB driverset.

The message seems to be triggered by the variable "handle" being larger then 32. On my system it always reports ffff.

Handle == ffff means that the av7110 was not able to create a new filter
entry. This will happen if there are already 32 active filters.

Does it happen for all channels, or only for a specific one?
If the latter is true: Which channel is causing the problem?
Does it have a large number of audio pids?

Am I looking at faulty hardware, or can I resolve this issue more elegant than just disabling the fault report?
(keep in mind that I do not have a programming/coding background)

You may disable the warning, but be warned that some parts of the data
will not be recorded due to missing filter entries...


Think I know why this is happening. Using Mplayer I see that dvb-ttpci is used by about 4-5 processes. No errors. Using mythtv 0.22 lsmod reports dvb-ttpci being used by 31 processes. Errors.

My idea is that mythtv's multirec feature is causing this, even though I have not enabled any virtual tuner. My card, an unmodified Nexus-s (from 1998) may not support multirec due to its hardware design. (took me quite a bit of googling to make this assumption).

So, if my assumption is correct, the error is with Mythtv, where it is assumed that my card is multirec capable. (and how would Mythtv know, since the driver is the same ?)

I have now bought an HVR4000, so I have time to mod the Nexus. (and dig out my reading glasses to find the pins)


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