on my archlinux-64 I have a webcam: 0471:0322 Philips DMVC1300K PC Camera
 until one mounth ago this works OK with driver: gspca_sunplus
 now with kernel 2.6.32 not works.... 
 I start cheese and I view: http://sacarde.interfree.it/errore-cheese.png
 and this messages:
 Cheese 2.28.1
 Probing devices with HAL...
 Found device 0471:0322, getting capabilities...
 Detected v4l2 device: USB Camera (0471:0322)
 Driver: sunplus, version: 132864
 Capabilities: 0x05000001
 Probing supported video formats...
 from dmesg:
 gspca: probing 0471:0322
 gspca: probe ok
 /dev/video0 is created
 I try to downgrade previus kernel kernel26 and dependencies
 and it works:
 when it works 2.6.31: Driver: sunplus, version: 132608 

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