Devin Heitmueller wrote:
> Mauro,
> Please PULL from
> for the
> following:
> cx18-alsa: Fix the rates definition and move some buffer freeing code.
> cx18: address possible passing of NULL to snd_card_free
> cx18-alsa: codingstyle cleanup
> cx18-alsa: codingstyle cleanup
> cx18: codingstyle fixes
> cx18-alsa: codingstyle fixes
> cx18-alsa: fix codingstyle issue
> cx18-alsa: fix memory leak in error condition
> cx18-alsa: remove a couple of warnings
> cx18-alsa: name alsa device after the actual card
> cx18: cleanup cx18-alsa debug logging
> cx18: rework cx18-alsa module loading to support automatic loading
> cx18-alsa: remove unneeded debug line
> cx18: export more symbols required by cx18-alsa
> cx18: add cx18-alsa module to Makefile
> cx18: overhaul ALSA PCM device handling so it works
> cx18: export a couple of symbols so they can be shared with cx18-alsa
> cx18: make it so cx18-alsa-main.c compiles
> cx18: rename cx18-alsa.c
> cx18-alsa: Add non-working cx18-alsa-pcm.[ch] files to avoid data loss
> cx18-alsa: Initial non-working cx18-alsa files
> This includes the codingstyle fixes Mauro reported as well as the
> changes Takashi Iwai suggested for the ALSA config and buffer
> handling.

Hi Devin,

Unfortunately, I got some merge conflicts with cx18 code from Andy, due to
the buffer handling changes. Could you please rebase your tree against tip,
solving those conflicts?

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