Answering my own question, and also a question in the t613 source

Yes, the need for the "reg_w(gspca_dev, 0x2087);", 0x2088 and 0x2089
commands are definitely tied to the white balance. These three set up
the default values I found out. And (X << 8 + 87) sets up the red
channel parameter in general, and 88 is for green and 89 for blue.

That means I can already just play with them and see what happens. My
personal problem is that I bought this new lens, and the image is way
too bright, and changing that seems to help. But I would like to offer
these as parameters the user can set using v4l2 programs. I can try
making that big change myself, but help from a more experienced
developer would be certainly much appreciated!...


On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 02:37:09PM -0200, Nicolau Werneck wrote:
> Hello again, people. I believe I have found in my log the commands
> that are setting up that white balance parameters. I am pasting an
> excerpt of the log at the end. (I changed the subject now that is
> seems this is actually the way I should follow)
> It looks to me that in that SetupPacket vector the "88" encodes what
> channel to set. 87 for red, 88 for blue and 89 for green. The
> following value is the level, which is default to 0x20. 
> The question now is how do I offer to set up that parameter in the
> driver? What function can I use to transmits a vector that way, so I
> can make a hacky test?
> In other words: would it be possible or me to just cut and paste some
> code in the driver to implement that? Or will I be finally forced to
> actually learn what I am doing? :)
> regards,
>    ++nicolau

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